N, 11.04
R, 12.04
L, 13.04
P, 14.04
E, 15.04
T, 16.04
L, 20.04
P, 21.04
E, 22.04
T, 23.04
K, 24.04
N, 25.04
Wheeler Dealers . Ford P100
Tõsielu, 18. hooaeg, 17. episood, Inglise, 2023. aasta, 0
Mike gambles on a Ford P100 imported from South Africa to Scotland. But it's hit with a series of problems - and will it cope with the UK's weather and roads?
Wheeler Dealers . Land Rover Discovery
Tõsielu, 18. hooaeg, 15. episood, Inglise, 2023. aasta, 0
Mike is seduced by a Land Rover Discovery Mk1 with low mileage. But with no MoT, a leaking sunroof and rust problems, Elvis has his work cut out buying parts.
Salvage Hunters . Leominster
Tõsielu, 9. hooaeg, 3. episood, Inglise, 2016. aasta, 0
Drew is in Leominster where he sees an incredible private garden. And, he goes to one of the UK's last Brass Foundries, taking a chance on some unique containers.
Wheeler Dealers . 1983 Mercedes 500 Sec
Tõsielu, 13. hooaeg, 11. episood, Inglise, 2016. aasta, 0
Mike and Edd have a powerful and luxurious 1983 Mercedes 500 SEC to restore. Can the boys return this car to its former glory and still eke out a profit?
Wheeler Dealers . Lotus Elan M100
Tõsielu, 15. hooaeg, 8. episood, Inglise, 2018. aasta, 0
Mike finds what he thinks is the finest-handling front wheel drive car: the Lotus Elan M100. If Ant can revive the engine and suspension, will it make a profit?
How It's Made . Skateboards, Braided Pastry
Dokumentaal, 24. hooaeg, 9. episood, Kanada, 2014. aasta, 0
More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how skateboards are manufactured and braided pastry is produced.
How It's Made . Bacon / Snowblowers / Luxury Cars
Dokumentaal, 9. hooaeg, 12. episood, Kanada, 2007. aasta, 0
How do they make bacon, snow blowers, and luxury cars? Find out, as more everyday items are put under the microscope.
Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars . Morris Minor Traveller & Maserati Ghibli
Tõsielu, 2. hooaeg, 4. episood, Inglise, 2018. aasta, 0
The boys find a Morris Traveller at the largest private car collection in the UK. And, in Surrey they spot a rare but affordable Maserati.
Naked and Afraid . The Lost World
Seiklus, Tõsielu, 3. hooaeg, 3. episood, USA, 2017. aasta, 9
Two lucky fans are chosen to take on a special 14-day survival challenge. A single mum and an optimistic novice try to survive the wild coast of South Africa.
Homestead Rescue . Smoky Mountain Hope
Tõsielu, 4. hooaeg, 15. episood, USA, 2021. aasta, 0
Marty faces his most daunting challenge ever in the rescue of a Tennessee homestead. He calls on past homesteaders and a home renovation team to help.
Homestead Rescue . Where the Wild Wind Blows
Tõsielu, 5. hooaeg, 13. episood, USA, 2023. aasta, 9
A Colorado veteran's family and stable of horses are ravaged by hurricane-force winds. To help, the Raneys pull out some of their most creative builds yet.
Outback Opal Hunters . Scrap Noodler
Tõsielu, 5. hooaeg, 7. episood, Austraalia, 2021. aasta, 0
The Misfits search for a new claim in Andamooka's dangerous opal fields. With no working machinery, the Opal Whisperers put their hopes into a bucket of Yowah Nuts.
Shed & Buried . Mandy / Ariel Motorbike
Dokumentaal, 5. hooaeg, 2. episood, Inglise, 2022. aasta, 0
Henry and Sam go to Hull to meet Mandy, whose late husband was an avid collector of classic motorbikes. There are several rare Vincents and Ariels on offer.
Baggage Battles . What a Dummy
Tõsielu, 3. hooaeg, 11. episood, USA, 2013. aasta, 0
The Baggage Battlers head to a police auction in Stockton, California. There are plenty of valuable items to choose from, including a vintage slot machine.
Wheeler Dealers . Cadillac Coupe
Tõsielu, 10. hooaeg, 12. episood, Inglise, 2014. aasta, 0
Mike finds a classic Cadillac Coupe with fins that has minimal rust and damage, however the interior is another story. Can Edd turn this ugly duckling into a swan?
How Do They Do It? . Barra Airport, Lederhosen
Dokumentaal, 15. hooaeg, 11. episood, Inglise, Kanada, Singapore, 2018. aasta, 0
How do planes take off and land on a beach at one of the world's oldest airports? And, how do they hand-make the national dress of Bavaria, lederhosen?
How It's Made
Dokumentaal, 5. hooaeg, 53. episood, Kanada, 2005. aasta, 0
Find out how Paving Asphalt is manufactured, loudspeakers are made and electronic Door Locks are produced, as more items are put under the microscope.
Salvage Hunters: The Restorers . Back Of the Net / Game On
Tõsielu, 4. hooaeg, 2. episood, Inglise, 2021. aasta, 0
French polisher Alex tackles a foosball table that's badly weathered. Martin works on a stagecoach trunk, while Craig revamps a Scandinavian chair.
Salvage Hunters . Different Visions
Tõsielu, 18. hooaeg, 3. episood, Inglise, 2024. aasta, 0
Drew meets dealers who see antiques in different ways. He finds a carved lion with a mysterious back-story, and four chairs by his design hero, Pugin.
Salvage Hunters: The Restorers
Tõsielu, 5. hooaeg, 13. episood, Inglise, 2022. aasta, 0
Furniture restorer Steve is challenged to give a Victorian kitchen table an unusual makeover. Dealer Drew brings a dilapidated crocodile to taxidermist Chris.
Salvage Hunters
Tõsielu, 17. hooaeg, 11. episood, Inglise, 2023. aasta, 0
Drew visits a disused fuel shed on a former air force base in Suffolk, where he discovers vases carved from cow bones and a haunting stone face corbel.
Naked and Afraid . Category 5 Survival
Seiklus, Tõsielu, 4. hooaeg, 8. episood, USA, 2018. aasta, 9
In the swamps of Florida, Iraqi refugee Amal and partner Duke struggle as a category five hurricane blasts the region. Will they cope with the extreme weather?
Salvage Hunters
Tõsielu, 14. hooaeg, 19. episood, Inglise, 2020. aasta, 0
Drew and Tee scour the British coastline for treasure. On their 280-mile trek from North Wales to the Essex coast, they uncover a terrific triple sink and a bank of pine drawers.
Roadworthy Rescues . The Return Of Vanishing Paint
Tõsielu, 2. hooaeg, 11. episood, USA, 2023. aasta, 0
Steve Dulcich returns along with the Vanishing Paint Challenger. Derek and Steve switch out the gearbox and go to a local road course.
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